I started with a degree in Physics and Maths, so many people have asked how I ended up doing landscape.

Well, these images provide some of the reasons, and I have carried them with me for many years. I love the forms, colours, ideas and textures that you see on these sheets.

They have always inspired me, and I hope that they do so with you as well. So, after lots of looking I found that landscape could give me these delights, coupled with intellectual rigour, presentations and planning. The choice was easy.

But why Landscape Planning?

I set out to improve the world in whatever way I can, to make everything perhaps a little better than when I started.

Clients who know me also know that I still have that to heart, to seek to be proactive, always to seek solutions, not to follow the crowd. In truth, there is only one way to do all of this in landscape, and that is to immerse yourself in the planning system, to understand it and how it works, and make it work for you.

As it happens, I have proved to be a good expert witness, so really the choice of landscape planning was made.

And what has all this to do with reality?

I believe that we must seek a better place for our children, to seek not to wreck the world we live in, to keep its beauty and diversity.

Yet there are never easy choices when it comes to development, and people must live and work, and in the real world we need motorways, power stations and railway lines.

So all our choices are part of this bigger picture, together we must all care about the small steps we all make. So, have a look at the images.

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